She's just inspired me

"cloth will have no value, if the culture not in it". Obin


The Dance Company Rolling Stone photoshoot

Photographer:Ridho H.
Place: Ridho's studi, kalimalang
Wardrobe: me...

Malang, WMM

Last week i went to malang for WMM roadshow. my first workshop without Tika helping me. Kinda weird actually. Too nerveous and too scared letting the team down because I cant make the crowd pleased with the show.. But you know what it went smooth. yay.. and I get so many inspiring stories and motivational quotes from many speakers. One of my favorite is mr. Eka Budiadi Santosa. His quotes is 'Be a blessing for everyone' i love it, and he shared some knowledge too, such as how many imported fruit from china has been contaminated with virus. scary..
Anyway, the band that entertain us at the venue was Gigi, It was worth it..


Rock n Roll Daddies

Im one of the person who 100% agree with a phrase "Rock and roll its all about the aura, never about the look", well needless to say, the person who got me into that kind of thinking is Ipang . Yeah I know he's totally got the package- his aura, his look, his voice. Makes me realize how many names popping into our head when we have to name at least 5 rock band in the 90's . Hundreds..Nowdays? not really. If we're talking about rock n roll music in Indonesia its kinda rare. The -trying too hard rock n roll wannabe band- LOTS!! and -Im a rockstar because Im rebel and drink beer- Plenty!! Tell me if Im wrong but these guy's do got it. 4 great musician in Indonesia work their way up into the rock scene in one band called The Dance Company. Not quite a dancer, not quite a company but with their background as the lead singer in top pop band do make people took them seriously. Perfect combination between Rock-and a hint of -nice RBT Ill have some-kind of music. From pop to rock, these daddy's surely gonna rock Indonesia's music industry with their first single Papa Rock n' Roll, and I promise you its just getting better..


Kiehl's for a cause

Kiehl's with 6 local artists design limited edition all natural cotton tote bags with theme "Help Kiehl's Save the Street Children" for Rp 95.000,-. 100% net proceeds of the bags sales will donated to Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO), a non profit oranization which provides education to street children therefore allowing them to possibly make their dreams come true. And during the launching Kiehl's gonna preview 3 short movies made by 3 different street children team's, and they gonna be awarded on the event!!
Support us, support the future.