Its been quite a while for me for not updating my blog. well im living well trough 2009, quite a hardest and hectic year for me. and i miss my purpy vaio soo much. (was thinking to bought the new X series but dont know if i could split my heart to two..and yet havent said anything to my purpy,she gonna be so sad.)But anyway, have any of you saw the new vaio X series? its FABULOUS!! not trying to bluff of anything, but this super slim, light, sophisticated laptop just took my breath away! And i havent got this OMG feeling quite a long time. The last time i remembered is when my BF got me a"Tickle me Elmo" for my 19th birthday. Back to my recent breath taking moment. this vaio X won my heart completely, first its light as a magazine. even not a city map kind of weight, so your hand still look nice when you hold it. not a single sight of poppin vein are visible. Which i love it. So slim, its 1,6 lbs only! so i could put it on my bags or clutch! what i love best is the sleek design. look professional. it comes in black, goldish champagne,and silver. but i love the champagne one. sexy... its also comes with windows7. Perfect match. its around 1300 USD> too good to be true> gonna save up some money then. I kill for this baby..