Seoul, Korea. First Day.

Went to Seoul, Korea on January 16th to recieved an Asia Model Festival Award. After a 6,5 hours flight we arrived at 9am.(Seoul 2hours ahead of Jakarta), and yes that means we're take off at 00.20am. I'm flying with Korean Air, and they serve Bibimbap for breakfast (or dinner?) at 2am. Yep, we have to wake up, mix things together and stirring it up with eyes half closed, quite weird. But I'm too sleepy to eat, so I took a picture of my friend's Bibimbap and slept 6 hours straight! I never been to Seoul before, nor any winter places but man are this freezing or what. It was minus four when we got there, my ears hurts like hell. But I'm so excited, Seoul are BEAUTIFUL!
By the time we got there my tummy is screaming for food, so we went to this 24hr korean bbq restaurant. I dont eat red meat so I ditch the Bulgogi for a good Kimchi and fish soup. And may I say YUM! After eating, we're went to hotel Samjung, Kangnam-Gu to drop off our luggage and do some shopping at Gangnam. Fun!


Healthy and Happy 2012

Changing your unhealthy daily habit is a chore. Specially when you’re too busy with work and no time to work out. I’ve been in that position too you know. 4 years working a 9 to 6 job in a magazine, a never ending deadline and working late, so that thing never crossed my mind. For the last one year I started my health regime, eating fresh food, drinking more water, start running and do pilates.
So rather than making resolutions this year, I decided to focus to make myself healthier and happier in 2012. I wanted to share my goals with you all so that you can watch me work toward them this year and keep me on track.

1. Complete another half marathon in under two hours! My first 21k last December, I finished in 3’30’’

2. To do classes at the gym, and put it on my weekly program. I’m thinking of body combat or body pump.

3. Less eating out. I think I spent my money too generous when I’m at the restaurant, so I need to make my own lunch, dinner and healthy nibbles. Less calories, more money saving!

4. Closer to my Creator.

5. Run 40k everyweek.

6. Spend my Sunday with family, my dogs and books.

There it goes.. my healthy and happy 2012 goals! And I would really love to know your healthy goals this year, please do share and maybe sometimes we can work out together and exchange tips. Remember, healthy life start with a commitment.  Have a great 2012 everyone!