Gugun Blues Shelter feat Baim

Last night I went to @America, Pasific Place to watch mas Baim do some blues tunes with Gugun Blues Shelter. For more videos just go to my youtube channel Artkanitoarca  


Good day champ!
Let me introduce you to my best buddy, his name is Kenzo. He's a chow chow. The only guy whom I trusted and knew all my secret since I was 20 y'o (yep, all of it! and the best part is, he kept his mouth shut). Having a pet its more like having a companion, a partner,or a friend who will be there for you 24 hours stat. Thats why I always try my best to be there for them too... The next three shots is behind the scene of me and kenzo at Sony Advertorial. Its not easy posing with him hahaha.

Maxine Birthday

Mommy Sigi and little Max
 It was little Max first birthday and my mom's too. So we're having this family lunch at our house. My granma's cooking her famous rendang pipi, and I ordered klapertaart from my friends mom for dessert, it was a big hit! With a soft texture of coconut, crunchy almonds, and rhum-my raisins, that creamy klapertaart makes you wanting more! You can order it here . But I must warn you, its addictive. Anyway, Happy birthday little Maxine, you're officially a toddler with a cool kicks now!

Puma kicks from auntie Viv

the Klapertaart! yum!


My New Favorites

Just watched a new video clip Angel from a new rock band FOS (Free On Saturday).This song definitely quenched our thirst for rock and roll! It has a nice blues intro, very sexy! Kudos Ariyo, Coki and Bey! This music industry does in desperate need for new rock band. You could watch their first clip Mamaku Bilang here, and you can see that the Rolling Stone are their biggest muse. And I think I'm gonna make Coki as one of my favorite guitar player. Every note that he played so seductive and have a deep meaningful feeling. Can't wait to get their album, gonna add it on my Kick Start playlist pretty soon. You can follow them on twitter @FOSnation .


Two weeks ago I'm hosting Harmoni SCTV Concert at Balai Sarbini, Plaza Semanggi. I wore this beautiful silk dress by Ina Thomas. I love this picture they took at her blog thank you Mba Ina for this gorgeous gorgeous dress...


This is another project I've done for TDC on Trax Magazine fashion spread photoshoot. We're actually planned to shoot it in a actual garden, but its been raining cats and dogs so we moved to Trax studio at Thamrin. Yep, all of this picture was taken inside a studio, Agan Harahap the self-taught photographer have done an amazing job making this picnic-in-the-park so real. All of the pages filled with their snap shots while they were singing, eating, and laughing (blame the beers!). It was fun! I recorded them singing their first single "Papa Rock n' Roll" during this photoshoot. Check out my youtube channel Artkanitoarca.

My first project (ever!)

This is the first project I"ve been working on as a stylist. Two years ago when The Dance Company started their album, they asked me to help them for their first fashion spread for Rolling Stone Magazine Indonesia. I came out with an idea, do some presentation and lucky me, they all interested. They gave me only 2 weeks to finish all the blazers, pants, shirts and shoes. It was crazzzyyy!! I bought all the raw materials at Mayestik, Blok M, went for a quick body measurements, then working on it night and day. I haven't got any proper sleep but its soo worth it. I'm literally married to my sewing machine. I made 2 sets for each of'em. I'm still learning, and still willing to. Major thank you to Rolling Stone magazine and TDC for giving me this opportunity. It became one of the best thing that ever happened in my life on 2009! If you wanted to know what it looks like on set, you could watch it on my youtube channel Artkanitoarca. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.


I miss you granpa

A week has passed, many years to go,
I wish it's over but my tears still flow.
Remember the love we once shared,
Now loss and grief I cannot bear.

Can't hear a beat on his chest,
His tired body now laid to rest.
I kiss the old man cheeks for good,
Embrace every moment as I could.

I know you already passed away,
And nothing could ever make you stay.
You are a special man for me,
And I know that you will always be.


On Hair Ideas

On Hair Ideas January-March 2011.


Birthday Present

My friend gave me this Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out- Rolling Stone in Concert for my birthday present. I'm a happy child!



Max loves the telly

I took this picture at my friends house (Marco and Weni's) last year.

Me Time

I'm a morning person. I love to enjoy a cup of tea alone, sitting at my favorite spot in the house, planning what am I going to do today. I guess everyone have their own version of "me-time", but focus fully on experiencing that moment through our senses help us worry less and enjoy our life even more, don't you think?

I Heart This

I love reading magazines, who doesn't? One of my favorite is Classic Rock. Good music reviews, awesome interviews and great freebies! And they have this super-funny comic strip about band. Love it!

That's What They Say

They say, if you want to know more about a girl/boy, look at their music playlist. But I say, why don't you just look into their DVD's collection.

My little sunshine

Maxine... how I want to eat your chubby cheeks...

The Hunting

I'm collecting all the pictures of my recent works as a model for my portfolio. scan this... scan that... my least favorite thing to do... scanning.. meh. While I'm digging piles of magazines, I found this picture. A picture of me when I was a contestant for Miss Universe 2007 (uhuh, way back then!!). What a memory, the long hair, those tanning oil, the controversial swimsuit  (em, I'm not quite sure if I could pull this "animal look" off tho', but I am more than willing to accept the challenge :p) and behind the scene craziness. How I miss stomping that huge stage. iish, it always give me goosebumps.


CG! January edition

Here is another photoshoots I've done for Cosmogirl! January 2011 Future Minded issue. 

Wardrobe: WHY menswear

Photographer: Ibam Arafi

Article: Eye Candy

my snap shot


Just found a picture behind the scene for GIV commercial. It took us 800 stair steps to get this beach shot.

A Masterpiece of Erwin Gutawa

Mas Erwin Gutawa greet the audience


Shandy Sandoro

Armand Maulana presenting

the dress by L'Tisya Dina