Ford Fiesta fun day!

my team mates, Sarah from SPICE magazine
 Ford Fiesta chose 7 artist to test drive their newest Ford Fiesta all day long with one team mate from selected media. Its more like a games tho.. :) what a experience...



this picture are taken by Iwet

me lala and ayu

this picture are taken by Iwet

while judging

Last Sunday I took a part at SONY EXPO in Mal Kelapa Gading 3 as a judge for a story telling competition "Me and My Pet".Ayu and Iwet are crazy! we took a picture infront of London panoramic background. Cute!



2 Days ago on Ied day, we went to our granma's house to celebrate it. And I've just capture this unusual pose of little Max and my sister Sigi. cute.


the shooting

Got a commercial to shoot in Ulwatu,Bali. Exhausted but fun.

Last weekend me, Ereek and Junot went to Bandung for Junot DJ's gig. Ereek is from Bandung, so he introduced us to his favorite restaurant TIZI.

We had a wonderful breakfast and I cant hold it for not taking a picture of those yummy food! uber delicious!


This Saturday I've got the chance to spent a whole day at my sister house. Catching up with her while playing with little Max.

Max can sit now, and she's showing off her favorite toys. One of her's that caught my attention is a pee cup with a plastic eyeball in it, cool.

I glad I bring my NEX-5 along, so I could capture every moments of her.


2 months ago Junot took my camera with him to Laidback Luke's gig at Ancol. Awesome!
I can't go since the deadline kept me away from anything fun. So I let my NEX-5 do the stalking.


view from the top

What it looks like from up there....

Tristan birthday

yay, Just had the time to upload some of my friends first baby boy birthday Tristan!! Happy birthday Tristan.... (sorry about the cake, Birthday cake always gets me over excited!! sugar rush).

Food crazy

A Couple of days a go I went to Semarang for a seminar. While I'm waiting for my flight to Jakarta, I'm trying this small cafe called Kopi Luwak.  I have seen it before at Pasific Place but I have'nt try any. So I sat there and try their 100% luwak coffee and their risoles. I love how they make their coffee in front of their customer, and how the coffee taste! Awesome! Its quite expensive, Rp.75.000,- for a cup of coffee. But I'm addicted to it eversince.



Im posting a video made by my sister Sigi couple years ago, with me as the model. Basicly I love the pale color and the song too. Here, take a look..


Last week, I went to Jayapura for Wirausaha Mandiri Workshop 2010. It is the last city for our roadshow this year. There, my bestfriend Syefra miss Papua Barat (she's my roomate when I was at Puteri Indonesia). She is so nice! and Papua its so b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.  Breathtaking scenery! Here's a little preview..

Little Max Fever..

Max watching Paranormal Activity

Couple of shots of my sister's baby girl, Max. (yeah,  I know.. I know... I just cant get enough of her)


Black Innovation Award 2010

This year I was one of Black Innovation Award judges, along with Yoris, Leo, Zinnia, Bre, Emir, and Ade. This is some of the stuff that we've been doing, besides Judging and dummy testing. The first 3 picture is the BIA debate on Metro TV- and the last 3 picture is at BIA grand final. Fun and totally inspiring!

Few months ago , me and Junot are working on a fashion consultant and styling project for bands. It started when I helped the Dance Company for their fashion spread on Rolling Stone Indonesia. After that,the news are spread very quickly and many of them were interested with my work. So this next project for Yovie and Nuno newest album titled "Winning Eleven", I teamed up with Junot. We update their looks! so much fun.


This is the Kiehl's bag I'm telling you about, the one that I designed...You can find it at Kiehl's store for Rp.95.000,- that will go straight for the unfortunate kids. This is my little campaign about chance for a change, called ACT (action) . The next charity project would launch shortly. I'll do anything for the kids and mother earth :) .

Grand Final Puteri Indonesia 2010

Some shot at the Grand final of Puteri Indonesia 2010. They doesn't allow us to bring our camera, but I insist by hiding it under my enormous skirt - which I adore very much.
By the way,all of the Puteri's are wearing numbers of gorgeous evening gown by Albert Yanuar. He's young, talented and cute. What not to love.