Bob'omb Brownie Truffle

 One of the reason why I love themed party, because I have the opportunity to nerding out and make fun food and dessert ideas. For mas Rudra Super Mario birthday party, I made this Bob'omb from the game. This bite size cute truffle are so easy to make! I've got it from Nerdy Nummies youtube channel, but I use my own brownie recipe instead of the box mix they've suggesting.
But if you have no time and prefer the box mix its also fine. Just make sure you use the high quality butter. 

Here are the things you need if you use the brownie box mix;
1 box      brownie mix
2/3 cup   white sugar
1 cup      flour
1 tsp       vanilla extract
1 cup      butter

For decorating;
1 bar         dark chocolate compound
1 cup        yellow M &M's
1 cup        mini pretzels

You can see the step by step video by Nerdy Nummies here. My Bob'omb looks messy, I still struggling with everything to do with icing, melted chocolate and decorating in general)

A pretty nice addition to the dessert table doesn't it ?

Here is my easy Brownie recipe for anyone who ask:
1/2 cup   unsalted butter
1/2 cup   white sugar 
2 whole   eggs
1    tsp    vanilla extract
1/2 cup   unsweetened cocoa powder
1/2 cup   all purpose flour
1/4 tsp    baking powder

Just mix 'em together and bake it in a preheated 175 degrees C oven, in a greased and floured 20 cm square pan or any pan you prefer for 25 minutes. Keep checking, you dont want to over bake it. 

This is my easy and quick brownie recipe, whenever my husband ask for a nice warm dessert or for a potluck party.

Hope you guys like it!


Rudra is Turning One!

Last week was mas Oo first birthday, and we decided to celebrate it at home. We're lucky enough to have our own green backyard and lots of toys (It's my husband's and his sister's toys when they were two!) Yep, my mother in law really take a good care of their toys. The trick is to wrap all the toys in a clear plastic wrap (the kind we use to cover the floors and sofa when painting) and for the small parts, ziplock. Do not wrap it with black plastic bag (ex.for trash bin bag). Because it melts, it leave permanent dirty marks all over the toy surfaces and its not thick enough to be cleaned and reuse it again. So clear plastic wrap it is. 

Its a small party so we cooked everything on our kitchen (simple food mostly, some we just bought it from our favorite vendors), decorate it ourself and only invite families also besties. Mas Oo birthday theme was Mario Bros , because its our favorite game (the parents-not the baby) and its Super Mario Bros 30'th Anniversary!

 I bought the decorations supplies at www.celebrationpeak.com - the flags, the colorful baloons, the table cloth, the plates yes-its all from that website.

All the Super Mario design, I bought it at Etsy, the shop called LucasPartyStudio. They are soo helpful! We make the transaction with a note "the birthday boy/girl name's and their age" and a moment later they gonna send you all the decorating files in pdf with the name and age already on it, plus the instruction. All you have to do is print. LOVE! They also have other theme like Sesame Street. 

Beef sliders
 All the wooden chopping board and serving plates I bought it on a local shop called Kemala Home Living

Kai Pacifica Katsu and Bulgogi Burrito! Big hit!

For the savory table we have:
Homemade beef meatball with 4 kind of cheese mushroom sauce 
Kai Pacifica chicken katsu and bulgogi kimchi burrito wrap- @kaipacifica 
Beef sliders (mini burgers with moist beef patty and cheese)
Chicken & shrimp nuggets
Mini sausages

For the sweet table we have:
Homemade cupcake ( with a help from my niece)
Homemade Bob-omb Brownie truffle
Chocolate, oreo's and lychee puddings
Dama almond milk's @drinkdama
Sideways Coffee and Milk- Cereal milk @sidewayscoffee

Its all served in a easy to hold size! Kids love it and also the grown ups.

Will post the recipes soon!

All pictures by Anto @weahweahweah


I'm Back!

Whoa, my last post was in 2013? That was long.So many unexpected stuff happened in two years, wisely ended my 7 years relationship, be single, met someone new, broke up again , then met this geeky guy who I fell in love with, marry him and gave birth to this beautiful baby. He's so beautiful, it make me looks like a newborn's poop everytime I took picture with him. His name is Rudra Arka, the mightiest of the mighty, the brilliant one, the eldest son. It's a Sanskrit, just like mine- Agni Pratistha Arka. It took me a whole nine months finding the perfect name for this little baby- yes I am dead serious about names, in Indonesia we believe, names that are given to your child is a prayers for his future being. And I know that he is gonna change the world. My next post going to be different of course from my previous posts, mommy things if you may call it. Well, enjoy!