My First Half Marathon

I have to admit that I'm feeling quite nerveous for this December half marathon. Its my first official race. I started running since November 2010 (yes I'm a beginners) and I never join any 5k or 10k race before, but I'm crazy enough to signing up for 21k. Its a challenging distance though, but I have 5 months  to train and I love to challege myself. The race itself going to be held in Singapore 4th December  2011, and my sister (a long time runner) join the full marathon. I run 3k to 5k almost everyday but in a different pace, now what I wanted to focus on was endurance and speed. Not a piece of cake but I know with a solid plan and decipline I will get there. I even make this motivational board behind my room door to keep me fresh and focus. I hope I'm running out of excuses  that keeping me away from the actual running. My last silly excuses is – the fortune cookie said dont run today. Lame...Wish me luck guys...


Hers Magazine Cover

Hers Magazine June edition

Stylist: Yunita Norisman
Photographer: Danny SB
MUA: Ryan calenk


Singapore Trip

Two weeks ago I went to Singapore for a quick getaway. My last vacation would be 3 years ago. Lame.. I know. I chose Singapore because I want to meet up my old friend from Miss Universe, Jessica Tan. She's Miss Singapore. Last time I visited her it was 3,5 years ago, and I miss her so much. We're planning to go to Bangkok this August for a weekend and maybe meet up with Miss Thailand, Farung if she's around. Fa' has been back and forth Bangkok-Hong Kong for work. Can't wait till August. It's gonna be so much fun.


On The Street

These are my soulmate's.. Both Lunar Glide2 and the man :) GOLD!!!


The Retort

For those who already heard the news about series of my pictures that leaked to the Internet, now it’s my turn to tell everything. I prefer through my personal blog, since any kind of interviews could mess everything up.

Early 2010 I was being photographed for a 5 pages of fashion profile for Elle Magazine Indonesia. As Elle is primarily women magazine, the photos are intended to support the text and appeal to female readers. While showing confident modern woman they are not intended to be provocative in any way, and was carefully considered by Elle, the photographer and myself at that time. Both the magazine and the photographer separately made selections from the shots for consideration in the Elle layout. This included some images that were finally considered for publication by Elle. Some images that the photographer chose because their merit as fashion images, but based on the magazine choices were not finally proposed. The archive of his work for Elle was filed in NZ , in this archive is a file of selects that is the combination of photographer and the magazine initial shot choices, including the additional images he selected but never finally chose to purpose for publication. Well his NZ agent used her choice from this selects in her online marketing updates (Primarily for other International Magazine Editors and Advertising Agency clients) on the international work his doing. These shots did include some images not published by Elle Indonesia. And that’s how it happened.

I never feel sorry about taking the pictures, it was shot in a very professional manner by Peter Bannan and Elle, and I won’t take it back even if I had the chance to. I never regret any of my action, because it’s my own decision as a grown up. I AM SORRY if the pictures offend any of you, which it is not my attention to. And for whoever tries to play the game as a moral police, please get a life.

PS: Peter Bannan is a fashion photographer from New Zealand whose working on a various shot for many international fashion magazine, including Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Style, Surface for 20 years.