It sure is.

Goa Cermei



The usual sightings at Yogya. A middle age women selling a yummy chicken satay with peanut sauce. Its cheap, easy to eat (you can eat it while you walk) and its high protein.  Superb!

Food craze

I don't know what to write, but this is the first time I tried Cilok. And nothing to be said but chewy. Vino seems enjoy it, because he's the one who ask our car to stop and get some. With enough cilok on our digestion, we probably get chunkier like our hunky friend Dian Sidik and the next Joko Tingkir part might be your future play.

Dian Sidik and Vino

Our Little Pinky Priest

Teru teru bōzu ..make the sun shine, make the sun shine, little buddy of mine...
Its been raining non stop at Yogya. I used to love when it comes to rain, but since we need to shoot outdoors for the show I'm kinda miss the sun. Its kinda funny tho', I found this amulet on one of our shooting location. Its a japanese thing I guess, this little buddy supposed to have magical powers to prevent the rain. I hope it works. ....Fine-weather priest, please let the weather be good tomorrow...


Sister Bike
A accidental shot I've got while waiting at Taman Sari,Yogyakarta. Its a cloudy afternoon, but this picture successfully puts a smile on my face.

Happy 15th Anniversary Hard Rock FM!

Couple of days ago Hard Rock FM invites me to do a radio drama Malin Kundang for their 15th anniversary. I played Malin's secretary, and Pandji as Malin's friend. You can say its a modern version of the legend. Slank also performed, I catched their live acoustic on my youtube channel if you wanted to take a look, here. Anyway, Happy 15th Anniversary Hard Rock FM!


Raden Sirait Kebaya For The World

 This is the most spectacular show ever, 150 models and 50 musician are gather in one night. here is the sneak peak. Picture taken by Baim. Thank you mas.


Random pics at 7/11

Free on Saturday the launch

Last night I went to FOS (Free On Saturday) album launch at 7/11 Wahid Hasyim. It started at 11.55 pm with their song Mamaku Bilang without Ariyo around, but his older brother Iwin holding the mike. What gives, its April fools day. Finally Ariyo came, and sang the song. They played their newest single Angel and Sexy afterwards. This song  (Sexy) is bloody catchy, but darn it, I stand like literally next to the speaker, so you can't hear Ariyo's vocal cleary on the video. Next, they are playing Tonight with a really nice bass intro. Whats Going On and Nggak Normal come next.
Its all finished at 2 am, Saturday and announced as Rock and Roll Night for FOS.
It was a great night for us the rock lovers, for FOS and for Indonesia's music industry.
God bless Rock and roll!
You can also watch 'em here