the Sutedja's

Last weekend Sigi, Junot, baby max and me, also visited our bestfriend Marco and Weni's newborn baby girl Zoe. She's so pretty. River (Zoe's brother) are sooo cute. and i fell in love with their polypocket house.. you can see through my pictures that marco is a movie geek and rock kind of dude. He married the perfect woman, Weni. Weni got a lots of raptiles. snakesssss... its been raining like crazy so i couldnt get any pose of their raptiles. Marco's mom (we called her Ama) made us a very nice strawberry cream roll. yumm. i gained 4 pounds afterwards.

the Holiday

last Ramadan holiday I spent my time at my sister Sigi and Timo's house to play with little Maxine. so much fuuuunnn... we took maxine for a swim.

Bali 3

see? LEARNING....

Bali 2

another shots of Bali


Ive just got my own DSLR, its a SONY Alpha NEX-5. soo thrilled! to be honest im not a good DSLR user and i always got a C for my photography lesson. But I hope I could learn and get along with my new camera. My first lesson.. learn to capture Kuta Beach..