FTV shooting

A glimpse of my next FTV shooting at Merapi.

Push Yourself

Run Kids, Run!

Why do you run? Running made my mind clear, I think better after running... (Yenda)

What are you thinking while you were running? Work, scripts, scenes, things to do... (Sigi)


Last week at Senayan held the last training of Nike+ Interschool Challenge where Nike picks the top 5 runner each from 20 schools. So total of 100 kids with Nike+ who runs the most KM in one month will send to Manila for a 10 km runs. Its a fun, fun event I must say, running outdoors makes you happy, satisfied and relax at the same time. That's the reason why I love running. I find running are one of the most enjoyable natural undertaking to do, it gives you the sense of freedom, recalling childhood memories.


My Thoughts

People said "sorry" easier nowadays, even if they don't feel sorry. That's ruin the whole points of apologizing, no? Same as forgiving. Let's put it this way, you're at a supermarket doing your monthly grocery shopping happily, then a shopping cart hit your ankle because the owner was too busy texting in her cell phone. She said sorry, and return to her cell phone immediately. Will you forgive her that easily? I bet you  won't say "that's OK" by reflect because she said sorry? Your ankle's hurt doesn't it? You won't lie to say "That's fine, I'm OK" and let that ruin your mood all day wouldn't you? But most of us just said "Ya, that's OK" and mumbles in the back. Apologize and Forgive now just like a meaningless words. How fast a person say sorry just to get away with the guilt, and how quick a person say OK when its not OK. Every word has a meaning. when you say it, Mean it!


Demak, Semarang

Last Wednesday I went to Demak, Semarang for tree planting with Djarum Foundation as a part of their CSR. We planted Trembesi or Ki Hujan (Samanea Saman) along the free way to help reduce global warming. Trembesi  tree is a native Latin America plant that provides a good shade but it has a aggressive root system that could mess around with walls and concrete so its not suitable in small land. There's a lot of ways to be green tho'. I start small by planting mango trees, marquisa, srikaya and limes in my garden. But I think if we want to do big, we need to seriously stop deforestation and the massive illegal logging.



After a week in Ambarawa, its time for me to go back to the real world and face Jakarta. Gonna miss the heart warming team for sure... Well piles of homework waiting for me, may I say Au revoir Ambarawa...

a Few


In My Spare Time



a Glimpse

Dibawah Lindungan Kabah

These are some pics I've taken with my SONY Alpha NEX-5 while at Ambarawa for my Bf 4th film shootings. This movie's adapted from Buya Hamka most popular novel, Dibawah Lindungan Ka'bah and produced by MD. Directed by Hanny Saputra and costume all by Samuel Wattimena. Im in love with the dusty colors, the textures and the details. You can watch Dibawah Lindungan Ka'bah teaser here