Have A Great Day People!

The Book Club

It was a beautiful morning, we’re heading to St. Albans Episcopal Church to join Daughters of Abraham book club. Is a group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women who want to deepen each others knowledge and faiths, trough books monthly. Born as a response to 9/11, their mission is to overcome stereotypes and foster mutual respect among Muslim, Jewish and Christian women. And this time we’re discussing The Butterfly Mosque by Willow Wilson. It’s interesting to know other’s point of view from different belief and culture. How we respond to the author’s treatment of each  religion, what do we learn, surprised us and which parts that intrigues us. Deep. I loved it.

Good Morning!


My Favorite

The Vochol, a combination of "Vocho" a name for the Volkswagen Beetle in Mexico and Huichol. The Huichol people, known as the Wixaritari in their own language are widely recognized for their colorful beadwork and fiber arts.

And the Vochol in the picture is covered with 2,277,000 glass seed beads that weight almost 200 pounds. Eight Wixaritari artists from two families spent more than 9,000 hours decorating the car.

Paddy Cab

A Night In The Museum

The first place I visited in DC, National Museum of Natural History. Free admission, opens everyday and holds collections total over 126 million specimens of animals, fossils, plants, human cultural artifacts, minerals, rocks and meteorites.


Good Morning DC

4 months ago I've got the opportunity to visit Washington DC- Mississipi - Dallas and Houston for chains of interviews with Trans TV. Mostly about the diversity in America, eg. beliefs and cultures. Will tell you more after the jump, but in a meanwhile here's some pictures of DC. Since I love history, the first place I visited is the Smithsonians. Sunny day, chilly winds and a hungry mind..perfect!


Dream Came True

 Have you ever ask a specific thing to God through prayers, and not so long after it came true? I think that's what happened to me. I'm asking for a movie role that requires a dancing scene in it, and 5 days later a phone call rang me the good news! Its been a while tho, since my first movie in 2004, so I'm honoured to be a part of this awesome team and lucky enough to be one of Eko Supriyanto student for 3 weeks. I never dance before, so for10 hour a day, 7 days a week mas Eko gives me a private lessons on body movement. The pressure's high. The shooting process took us 21 days, more or less. Energy draining.. But I never been happier.

Asia Model Festival Award 2011

And hell yes we get our trophy! Indonesia rocks!



Seoul, Korea. First Day.

Went to Seoul, Korea on January 16th to recieved an Asia Model Festival Award. After a 6,5 hours flight we arrived at 9am.(Seoul 2hours ahead of Jakarta), and yes that means we're take off at 00.20am. I'm flying with Korean Air, and they serve Bibimbap for breakfast (or dinner?) at 2am. Yep, we have to wake up, mix things together and stirring it up with eyes half closed, quite weird. But I'm too sleepy to eat, so I took a picture of my friend's Bibimbap and slept 6 hours straight! I never been to Seoul before, nor any winter places but man are this freezing or what. It was minus four when we got there, my ears hurts like hell. But I'm so excited, Seoul are BEAUTIFUL!
By the time we got there my tummy is screaming for food, so we went to this 24hr korean bbq restaurant. I dont eat red meat so I ditch the Bulgogi for a good Kimchi and fish soup. And may I say YUM! After eating, we're went to hotel Samjung, Kangnam-Gu to drop off our luggage and do some shopping at Gangnam. Fun!