Dibawah Lindungan Kabah

Di Bawah Lindungan Kabah now playing in the theatre's near you! Enjoy!


DI Bawah Lindungan Kabah Premiere

Super 8!
Last night it was Di Bawah Lindungan Kabah film premiere. That movie successfully make me weep like a baby. It would be on theatre starting this 25th if you like to check it out. So proud of you B!


Max Day

My sister, my brother and I went to Giggles FX to play with Maxine yesterday. Very tiring! We can't keep up with Max's unlimited energy, its like she's load up with bottomless caffeine called "young". Anyway it was super fun. I wish I still had a can of those tho'.


My New Toy

Just bought series of Lensbaby for my NEX-5. Still learning.



The Kicks

Best Pizza Ever

The best pizza I've tried so far. Its so big. you can slap someone's face with that slice. No kidding.

Max Goes to Bali

 Last month my family and I spent a week in Bali. Its our family trip since 5 years ago and it's also Max first trip, but this time she stayed out of the trunk. It was tiring, but its all worth it. My mom happy, my dad happy and Max seems to enjoy her times in the sun. I hope we could do it more often tho'.


Newest Find


Last Friday Im having a photoshoot for my Agent Avatara88. Here's a peek of what I'm wearing. :D

My Mini Wonderland