Pearl Jam 20

Went to Pearl Jam 20 film screening at Epicentrum XXI 2 days ago. PJ20 is a documentary film directed by Cameron Crowe about the band!  I listen to PJ since highschool, my all time favorite song is Daughter and Jeremy. The documentary was amazing, I am literally speechless!


Girls Night Out

How's your weekend friends? I spend mine catching up with a good friend of mine Ayu and Fiza. So much fun! Nothing could beat a yummy salad, a good company and laughters, dont you think?

Little Maxine

The not so little Maxine

The Wedding

Look at my big scary face when I just got the bouquet. The Grinch
Mia- Mas Adi-Mba Sandra- Mba Anne
Last Saturday is my best friend brother's wedding. Me and Mia are bestfriend since grade 5, and we're still until now. I'm really close with her family, so when it comes to mas Adi's wedding I'm very excited. The wedding are so nice and intimate, and I've got the bride's bouquet too (its because im the tallest so its easier for me to catch the bouquet LOL)! A very happy night indeed. Congratulations mas Adi and mba Sandra!

My bestfriend since 5th grade, Nova, Mia and Icha


Happy Holiday Everyone!


Had a nice lunch meeting with a high school friend of mine, Heru at Ocha Bella. Yummy nibbles!

Max Day