I'm Back!

Whoa, my last post was in 2013? That was long.So many unexpected stuff happened in two years, wisely ended my 7 years relationship, be single, met someone new, broke up again , then met this geeky guy who I fell in love with, marry him and gave birth to this beautiful baby. He's so beautiful, it make me looks like a newborn's poop everytime I took picture with him. His name is Rudra Arka, the mightiest of the mighty, the brilliant one, the eldest son. It's a Sanskrit, just like mine- Agni Pratistha Arka. It took me a whole nine months finding the perfect name for this little baby- yes I am dead serious about names, in Indonesia we believe, names that are given to your child is a prayers for his future being. And I know that he is gonna change the world. My next post going to be different of course from my previous posts, mommy things if you may call it. Well, enjoy!

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